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We’re glad you asked!  Opus One Music is a preschool-age music experience program taught by trained, energetic, dependable instructors in weekly 30 minute sessions at your campus!

Opus One Music from Opus One Music on Vimeo.

Opus One Music has been providing quality music and preschool engagement programs in southeast and central Texas for over 15 years.  The programs are imbued with themes, activities, and curricula that are proven to stimulate development, augment school programs, and promote fun!

Currently, there are 15 qualified and trained instructors – most of whom have been with Opus for over 10 years.   More than 100 schools and nearly 7,500 students participate in the programs.   Although music is the core, Opus is expanding its philosophy of embracing the humanities to encourage development, learning, and growth to include art and fitness programs.

If you’d like to see your community embrace Opus One or, if we’re already in your community and you’d like to see expanded programs, let us know!